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Thank you for choosing the online home of Divorce Me, P.A. We are a full-service law firm focused exclusively on divorce and family law. Broward County divorce attorney Andrew Foster has aggressively represented hundreds of clients just like you throughout South Florida. Whether you are currently going through a divorce or just thinking about it, we will help you understand your rights when it comes to issues like child support, child custody, visitation, division of property and alimony. We combine a modern approach with more than 20 years of experience to make your client experience as effortless as possible. Your family is unique. Your attorney should be, too.

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what we do for you

Unique Approach

We have represented many divorce and family law clients over the years. But no case is more important to us than yours. We understand that your family is unique so we customize our strategies based on the goals that you want to achieve.

Affordable Options

Like having options? So do we. That’s why we offer several alternatives to traditional divorce costs – including flat fee and unbundled services – to fit your budget and keep your divorce and family law costs under control.

Convenient Access

Why can’t the divorce process be more convenient? Answer: it can. We’ve embraced changes in technology that make it easier for you to share files with us, sign court documents with your smartphone or tablet, and access your case just about anytime from the comfort of your own home.

divorce made simple

Divorce is never an easy choice – even when it’s the only choice. Broward County divorce attorney Andrew Foster knows from experience how stressful this process can be for you and your family. We know you want to get this case over with as quickly and as easily as possible – so that you can move on with your life.

So, how do we help?

We start by eliminating the biggest obstacles to premium legal representation: cost, time, and inconvenience. Phone consultations are free and we charge one flat fee on uncontested cases. Your divorce is completed in as little as 30 days. Finally, we know you're busy. So, we map our strategies around your schedule, not ours. Live your life. We've got this.

If that sounds like a different kind of law firm, we agree!

what sets us apart?

Most divorce and family law firms are built on an old-fashioned, outdated model — an army of attorneys and paralegals in lavish offices generating big profits for the partners at the top.

There are two problems with that approach. First, the number of people between you and your lawyer makes it next to impossible to get the kind of one-on-one attention that your case deserves. Second, the massive overhead is almost always passed on to you, the client, in the form of higher legal fees.

We like our way better. By embracing cutting-edge technology, we have been able to streamline the process in a way that dramatically reduces our overhead and saves our clients time and money instead.

There are many questions that come with dissolving a marriage. What’s the difference between a contested and uncontested divorce? How is alimony determined? If there are children, how much child support will they need? Who gets child custody? What are your rights when it comes to visitation?

Broward County divorce attorney Andrew Foster has the knowledge and the experience to provide the answers that you need. Call today for a free consultation. It’s never too soon to be prepared!