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Like most bright ideas, ours started with a question. What if a divorce law firm didn't look or act like other divorce law firms? What if, instead of hoarding knowledge and expertise, we gave it away freely? What if, instead of moving from billable task to billable task, we took a longterm strategic approach to our cases? What if we took the time to diagnose real problems and offer our clients the best solutions, not just the most obvious ones?

Sometimes we would earn more money with this approach. Many times we would earn less. And what if that was okay?

This was the big idea when we opened our doors 20 years ago. We're proud to say that, so far, the experiment has been a success.

our story

We were founded in 2001 as a modern divorce and family law firm committed to serving our clients with integrity, skill and compassion. We have helped many clients with their problems over the years, but no case is more important to us than yours.

When people come to us, it's almost always because they've decided to take their lives in a bold new direction. That kind of change can be scary. We get it. Our job is not to just print out a few one-size-fits-all forms and send you on your way. Anyone can do that. Many law firms do.

What we provide is a comprehensive divorce strategy that identifies and explains your advantages and disadvantages, anticipates problems that sometimes arise years after a divorce is finalized, and presents you with the best options whether they benefit us or not.

our approach

Most lawyers love to talk. Broward County divorce lawyer Andrew Foster prefers listening to you, the client, and creating a strategy based on the goals that you want to achieve. That’s why we make it so easy to communicate with us in person, by phone, through email, or via Zoom.

We also understand how busy you probably are. Many lawyers forget that people have actual lives outside of their legal issues. The truth is that family responsibilities, health issues, and work almost always come first. So, we completely re-envisioned our approach to new and existing clients.

Most divorce lawyers don't like to do phone consultations. We have always encouraged them. You shouldn’t have to take time away from work to meet with us when the truth is that there’s very little we can do in our office that we can’t do over the phone.

We’re always happy to meet with our many clients. But when you have to disrupt your life to come see us, we consider that a bug in the system – and our challenge is to make sure you don’t have to do it again.

Broward County divorce attorney Andrew Foster believes that the divorce process should be convenient and fast. Frankly, that’s our goal and the type of strategy we provide in all cases – whether it’s divorce, alimony, child support, or child custody.

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